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Spay/ Neuter Day, YAY!!!

Hi Friends!! Thank all of you for joining in to my blog!! I am kind of nervous about letting you down with my ramblings, so please feel free to share any questions or comments you may have for me! Today is our spay/neuter day with the Purdue’s Priority for Paws mobile clinic!! We are so grateful to them for including us in their shelter rotation. Normally, ARF spends roughly $100.00 per Animal we rescue. That is if the poor baby is “healthy” with no injuries or health issues needing treatment. We never turn away a baby in need due to lack of funds, we go for it and pray we will be able to make ends meet in the long run. Since we are not funded, we do a lot of praying!!! So far, for the past 18 years, you  have never let us down! THANK YOU!!! Today we have 8 Dogs and 7 Cats being sterilized. The bus arrived around 9:00am with Dr. Freeman, her 3, fourth year vet students, a vet tech and a driver for the bus. All of them are wonderful! We prepare the recovery room the day before, padding down the floors with many comfy blankets and topping them with the heated blankets you all have so generously donated. We also have all of our medical equipment ready, stethoscopes, Karo syrup water in spray bottles for hydration and nail clippers  so we can trim their nails while they are still sleeping.  We also inject our microchips while they are sleeping as well. The team gets started right away and before you know it the walkie talkie sounds to tell us that a baby is ready for recovery. We  gently wrap them in a blanket and bring them in to our recovery area. Right away we place a heated cover over them to keep their body temperature up. We lay beside them and rub their bodies while softly telling them they are OK, everything will be fine, we love you. It is a beautiful sight to see so many staff members and trained volunteers cuddling and cooing our babies back into consciousness. I believe they can feel the love given and they respond to it with tiny tail wags and attempts of giving kisses to their cuddler. They do not know it but their lives are forever changed for the better, on second thought, I do believe they know! Once fully awake a small meal is given and when they are able to stand and walk on their own they are carried to our Adoption Center or Kitty house where even more wonderful volunteers greet them with clean kennels and much love. They watch over them like a hawk to be sure they are fine and comfortable. The day flies by quickly and before you know it all of the babies are feeling well and resting comfortably. One day of surgeries have saved hundreds of lives! AMAZING!!! We end our day doing check-ups on all of our sweeties and make arrangements to come back much later in the evening to check them all again! When I tell you we love them I am not kidding!! I want to again thank the Purdue crew and all of our staff and volunteers for making it such a good day!! Any day is a great day when Sweet Animal lives are changed for the better!!!

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