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Job Posting: ARF Administrative Assistant

To apply, send resume & 3 references to jody@munciearf.com

Title: Administrative Assistant

Updated: October 27, 2017


Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 10:00am-noon, and 1:00– 5:00pm and Saturday 11:00am-3:30pm

Wage: $8/hour

This position is not eligible for benefits and is subject to a background check.


Skills Required: Professional verbal/oral and written correspondence etiquette, multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment, time-management & prioritizing skills, excellent organizational & documentation skills, desire to serve the public & treat all guests, staff & volunteers respectfully & professionally, MS Office products including Word, Excel, Publisher, basic accounting/financial skills to include tracking debits, credits, taking payments, donations & making change, printing, copying, filing, faxing, scanning, email, internet searching, social media, organizing & scheduling appointments.

Education Required:  High school diploma required. Some college preferred.

Summary: Perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks including, but not limited to, customer service for all of our guests including walk-ins, phone calls, emails and Facebook messages.  Distribute incoming mail, prepare daily donation logs, thank-you cards, memorial acknowledgement cards and letters, update and maintain donor database, process SNSI (Spay/Neuter Services of Indiana) forms and vouchers, process animal adoptions and intakes, keep files organized, manage the volunteer log & waivers, order supplies as instructed, keep administrative office areas tidy and organized.


  1. Greet and attend to all ARF guests in a friendly, timely, professional manner. This includes walk-in’s, phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages.
  2. Check and respond to voice mail messages throughout the day.
  3. Check and respond to emails and Facebook messages throughout the day.
  4. Pick up, sort and distribute incoming mail to Executive Director.
  5. Accept and process all revenue including donations, adoption fees, Bark Park Memberships, surrender donations, ARF Thrift Store sales, product sales, etc.
  6. Prepare, save, and print daily revenue logs for donations, adoptions, Bark Park Memberships, surrenders, SNSI vouchers, product sales, etc. This is also called “reconciliation.” Give to Executive Director upon completion.
  7. Compose all thank-you cards for donations including cash, check, credit/debit card, PayPal, Converge (website), and gifts-in-kind. Document the completion of the thank-you’s in the daily revenue logs (reconciliation.) Mail the thank-you cards.
  8. Compose all memorial acknowledgement cards and letters and document the completion of the acknowledgement cards and letters in the daily revenue logs (reconciliation.) Print memorial letters and envelopes and give to Executive Director for signature. Mail the acknowledgement cards and letters.
  9. Update and maintain the donor database daily.
  10. Process SNSI forms, payments and vouchers.
  11. Aid guests in completing forms including, but not limited to, adoption applications, surrender forms, SNSI forms, Bark Park Memberships.
  12. Call SNSI customers when their vouchers are received. Distribute SNSI vouchers to recipients.
  13. Manage the volunteer log and waiver forms.
  14. Keep all files organized and forms stocked.
  15. Order supplies as instructed.
  16. Keep front office area, conference room, kitchenette, copy/file room and restroom neat and tidy and stocked with supplies and materials.
  17. Plan and organize fundraisers and outreach and education activities as instructed by Executive Director.
  18. Assist in designing flyers and other promotional materials for print and web.
  19. Assist with annual fundraising campaign as instructed by Executive Director.
  20. Keep all monies locked according to protocol at all times.
  21. Other duties as assigned by Executive Director.

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