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Job posting: Animal Care & Kennel Technician (3 vacancies)

Job Posting

To apply, send resume and 3 references to jody@munciearf.com

Updated: October 27, 2017

Title:  Animal Care and Kennel Technician

Wage: $8/hour

This position is not eligible for benefits and is subject to a background check.

This posting represents 3 vacancies with 3 different work schedules as follows:

  1. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 8:30am-noon & 1:00-5:00pm (Adoption Center dogs)
  2. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9:00am-noon & 1:00-3:00pm (Sanctuary dogs)
  3. Saturday, 9:00am-noon & 1-3pm (Sanctuary dogs), Sunday & Monday, 9:00am-noon & 1:00-4:00pm (Adoption Center dogs)


The Small Animal Care and Kennel Technician is responsible for all animal and kennel cleaning, feeding, watering and some administration of medicines as directed by the veterinarian for all ARF animals, upholding the organization’s mission. Technicians monitor and maintain the health of animals with the guidance of the veterinarian and supervisors, and may perform duties such as receiving new animals, counseling adopters of animals, and maintaining documentation of feedings, cleanings, medications administered, intakes and adoptions.

Note:  Many aspects of this job are physically taxing, emotionally stressful and sometimes physically risky (i.e. animal scratches and bites.)  Small Animal Care and Kennel Technicians must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds on a regular basis.  Must also be willing to work with animals of all temperaments and behaviors.  Must follow safety procedures for the protection of staff and animals at all times.

Qualifications:  High School Diploma or equivalent


  1. Kennel and animal cleaning
    1. Cleaning of animals as directed by supervisors
    2. Cleaning of kennels and animal bedding as directed by supervisors
    3. Documentation of cleanings as directed by supervisors
  1. Building, grounds and facilities cleaning and maintenance
    1. Cleaning of staff restrooms, office areas, lobbies, and all building facilities as directed by supervisors
    2. Organizing and storing supplies such as food, toys, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies and equipment as directed by supervisors
    3. Laundering bedding, towels, blankets and other supplies as directed by supervisors
    4. Cleaning of grounds including, but not limited to, trash and animal waste in all outdoor areas of ARF and ARF’s PAW property
    5. Spreading ice melt/salt and sand in the ARF and ARF’s PAW driveway and parking lot in time of inclement weather as directed by supervisors
  1. Feeding
    1. Feeding (including food and water) animals as directed by supervisors
    2. Documentation of feedings as directed by supervisors
  1. Animal Intakes
    1. Intake of surrendered animals according to ARF policies, procedures and as directed by supervisors
    2. Note that ARF has a strict policy that there will be NO PERSONAL JUDGEMENT of our guests who surrender animals to our care
    3. Alert supervisors *immediately* with any issues or concerns with surrendered animals
  1. Adoptions
    1. During adoption hours, follows ARF policies and procedures to adopt out animals
    2. Documents all adoptions according to ARF policies and procedures
    3. Alerts supervisors *immediately* of any issues or concerns with adoptions
  1. Programs
    1. Participates in the implementation of all ARF animal care and clinic programs as directed by supervisors.
    2. Follows all policies and procedures as directed by supervisors and suggests ideas for improvement to supervisors in a professional, appropriate manner.
    3. Provides animal care and services in accordance with current laws, rules, regulations and standards.
  1. Events
    1. May participate in preparation and execution of public events, including fundraisers, community outreach, etc. as directed by supervisors
  1. Additional responsibilities as directed by supervisors

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